Winter Storm Damage Repair Solutions for Trees and Landscaping

Although we thought the Groundhog predicted Spring is near, the snow has made a return, which means certain implications for your property. Trees can experience different degrees of damage during a winter storm. The amount of damage to your trees depends on the age of a tree, a tree’s strength and sturdiness, and the severity of the storm. All these variables can influence the amount of damage your trees will acquire. So, what does a property owner do with all these damages if they occur? The answer is to call a professional tree removal and care company. They retain the proper training, equipment, and tools to remove fallen or damaged trees safely, and at the same time, implement techniques to protect your existing trees from further damage.

Continue reading to learn some effective solutions for protecting storm-damaged trees and landscaping.

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Tree Root Damages

There are various elements that can damage a tree’s root system.  For example, freezing temperatures and frost can freeze up the ground around the base of the tree; causing roots to work harder for heat and survival.  Heat is lost and the tree suffers from lack of nutrients and will most likely die. Placing mulch around the base of trees before harsh winter weather begins can help a root system retain heat within the soil.  It acts as an insulator and protects a tree from severe winds, freezing temperatures, snow, frost, and ice storms.

Sun Scalding

Sun scald certainly sounds like something that would happen in hot weather; but the truth is, sun scald occurs in the colder months of the year.  In the winter time, trees have lost their leaves.  This leaves them bare, bald, and more vulnerable to elemental conditions. Sun scald is when a tree is overexposed to sun reflections.  This causes the bark to peel and crack, causing large tree fissures.  If your trees are susceptible to sun scald, then try covering the trunk with a tree wrap or plastic covering.  Blocking the reflection of the sun can reduce tree bark damage overtime. It is best to wrap a tree before freezing temperatures begin.

Broken Limbs and Branches

The weight of ice, snow, and water can break off tree branches in the winter.  Broken tree limbs and branches are problems for a number of reasons; not only can heavy branches fall and damage property or injure another person, it damages the tree as well. By wrapping branches and weal limbs with burlap or applying ground stakes for tree trunk support, you can potentially avoid fallen or broken tree branches in your yard.

Indianapolis Tree Storm Damage Cleanup

Call Timberland Tree Care at 317-348-0811 for professional storm damage tree removal services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties. Our licensed and insured tree service contractors have more than 30 years of experience, and retain the latest technologies in the business. These assets allow us to promptly respond to tree storm damage needs for both residential and commercial properties. We do it all, from dead tree removal and stump grinding, to bucket truck crane service, tree trimming, underbrush clearing, tree staking, cabling and bracing, and much more. Request a free estimate, today.

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Cost Differences of Removing Difference Species of Tree

When you hire a tree removal company to take down a tree, they will generally provide all-inclusive tree removal service, including removing all limbs, chopping down the tree, and hauling away all the debris. However, the cost to have this service done will depend on several factors, one of which being the actual species of the tree. Continue reading to learn how much tree removal will cost for pine trees, oak trees, and more, as well as, which additional tree service costs might apply to your tree removal needs.

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Paying for Tree Removal

There is a very good reason why tree removal is not cheap. Not only is the job very dangerous since contractors must climb high trees while also coordinating the use of high-tech, heavy equipment, tree removal professionals must also implement loads of labor removing and hauling heavy pieces of tree debris. For these reasons and more, you can expect removal to be a bit of the cost. However, this does not mean you should ever overpay for tree removal, nor does it mean that you can’t afford when the time comes.

The most common factors used to determine the cost of troop of the project includes the size of the tree, the condition of tree, the location of the tree, the difficulty of the project overall, and even the species of the tree. On average, tree removal costs anywhere between $200 and $1,500 per tree. But again, these costs vary depending on the above mentioned factors and more.

Here are some average costs you can expect for certain species of tree:

🌳 Oak Trees: Like pine trees, Oak trees also grow to great heights. The average oak tree at full maturity can reach heights up to 60 feet or more. On top of height, oak trees are strong and durable, which also makes them heavier and harder. For these reasons, you can expect tree removal to cost around the same as pine tree removal.

🌲 Pine Trees: Because the average height of a pine tree is between 40 and 60 feet high, some as high as 80 feet at full maturity, they are typically more costly to remove. You can expect the average cost of punch removal to fall between $700 and $1,500 per tree, give or take.

🌳 Ash Trees: ashtrays are unique because they are quite vulnerable to several different types of pest infestations, namely – borers and similar wood boring beetles. For this reason, they can sometimes be complicated to take down, and even more difficult to dispose of since their infestations can spread quickly from tree to tree. For this reason, ash tree removal might cost little more than standard tree removal, falling anywhere between $500 and $1,000 per tree.

Additional Tree Removal Costs:

✅ Stump Removal
✅ Limb Chipping
✅ Wood Chipping
✅ Log Splitting
✅ Underbrush Clearance
✅ Large Limb Removal

Indianapolis Tree Removal You Can Afford

Call Timberland Tree Care at 317-348-0811 for affordable and professional tree removal in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties. We are licensed and experienced tree care contractors who offer a wide range of professional-level tree service for both residential and commercial properties.

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Make Sure Your Trees are Safe for Trick-O-Treaters!

Are you expecting your usual crowd of Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween? If so, your most important priority is their safety. Many people go the extra mile to ensure their candy and treats are safe for consumption before handing them out to the community, but very few people consider the potential hazards that might be lurking around their property. One commonly overlooked hazard are dangerous trees. If there is a tree on your property that fits one of these descriptions, and is within the reach of the trick-or-treating pathway, it is important to take action fast in order to prevent dangerous accidents and injuries.

Continue below to learn how to prevent your property’s sick or damaged trees from toppling over on innocent passer-byers this Halloween!

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Signs of a Risky Tree

Although you want your house to be spooky on Halloween, you don’t want it to be dangerous! So be sure you know your trees are in stable condition before inviting the public onto your premises. You can tell simply by looking at a tree whether or not it poses a risk of falling over, breaking apart, or losing a heavy limb. The most common signs that a tree is sick, diseased, or damaged include the following:

⚠ Heavy Tilting in One Direction
⚠ Early Leaf Loss
⚠ Dead Spots or Blights on Leaves
⚠ Unusual Leaf Behaviors or Changes
⚠ Peeling or Missing Bark
⚠ Wet or Slimy Bark
⚠ Insect or Pest Infestation
⚠ Exposed Roots
⚠ Uprooted Trees
⚠ Low Drooping Branches and Limbs
⚠ Cracked or Broken Limbs in Canopy
⚠ Swollen Trunk or Branches

Dead Trees and Newly Transplanted Trees

If you have a tree that is very old and dead, it could potentially be at risk of falling over at any time. This includes trees with heavy damage, such as lightning-struck trees and rotted tree trunks. Even trees that are not sick or dead can pose hazards, such as newly transplanted trees. Be sure to stake these well in order to prevent the possibility of them falling over on someone.

What You Should Do

If any of the trees on your property exhibit signs of poor health or potential hazard, contact a local Indianapolis tree service company for a professional inspection. They will use a comprehensive approach to examine all conditions and factors surrounding your tree, and make qualified recommendations for your best course of action. In most cases, the best course of action is to remove a dangerous tree. In some cases, the tree can simply be staked, or cabled and braced, to enhance stability.

Where to Find Professional Tree Care Near You

Call Timberland Tree Care at 317-348-0811 for professional tree removal services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties. We are licensed and experienced tree care contractors who offer a wide range of professional-level tree service for both residential and commercial properties.

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Where to Get Prompt and Professional Emergency Tree Removal

Sometimes, a tree falls on something, like a car or roof, and other times, a tree is in the way of a construction project. Regardless of your emergency tree removal needs, finding a provider to get the job done right in a time frame that is convenient for you should never be a hassle.

But unfortunately, there are hundreds of fly-by-the-night tree removal companies that are not properly certified, nor use ethical business practices. So your priority should be to find a tree removal team that is full-qualified and trustworthy. This will set you up with a go-to provider who can always come through for you in the case of a tree emergency.

Continue reading to learn what you can do to ensure you have prompt and professional emergency tree removal services right at your fingertips, year-round.

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Indianapolis Tree Service Company 317-348-0811

Expert Tree Care You Can Trust

Your solution to safe and affordable, emergency tree removal service in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas is Timberland Tree Care. We are licensed and insured tree care contractors with more than 25 years of hands-on experience in the tree service industry. Because we retain the latest technologies and maintain a full staff of certified contractors, we can quickly respond when you need emergency tree service.

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Whether a tree has fallen on your car or house, or somewhere on your property, we have the fleet of innovative equipment and resources to remove the obstruction in an efficient amount of time. We provide both residential and commercial tree felling services, as well as, tree trimming, dead wooding, stump grinding, stump removal, storm damage cleanup, lot clearing, underbrush removal, and even Emerald Ash Borer management.

We Serve All of Central Indiana

Although based out of Indianapolis, Timberland Tree Care provides prompt and professional service for all of Central Indiana, from Noblesville to Greenfield, and everything in between! Feel free to email us with any inquiries or questions you have about your tree service needs. Or contact us directly at 317-348-0811 to request a free estimate or information, during regular business hours. Timberland Tree Care looks forward to helping you!

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