Timberland Tree Care has the affordable and effective solutions to all of your tree removal needs. As expert-level tree care contractors, we do our best to help your trees maintain optimal health and growth patterns, but sometimes, a tree needs to be removed. In this case, we offer comprehensive tree removal services for both residential and commercial properties here in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas.

In addition to tree felling, we are also fully-equipped with the latest technologies to provide related tree removal services, such as stump removal and grinding, lot clearing, bucket truck crane service,underbrush clearance, and more. Best of all, we maintain economy-based pricing for all of our tree services, which sets us apart from our industry competitors. You don’t have to sacrifice an ounce of quality or assurance just to get a better deal!

Here at Timberland Tree Care, we care about more than just trees; our client’s satisfaction and comfort remain our top priorities next to safety. For this reason, we also provide a long list of customer amenities, including free written estimates, emergency tree removal, free tree removal advice , post-service checkups, and much more. Contact us at 317-348-0811 to request a free quote for your tree removal needs, today.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A dead, dying, or sick tree, as well as, trees with pest infestations, can potentially pose serious safety hazards. It is vital to have a dying or dead tree removed by a professional as soon as possible to prevent accidents, injuries, and structural damages. If you suspect that a tree on your lot may be dead or dying, contact us for a free, on-site tree evaluation.
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