How to Tell if Your Sycamore Tree is Dead

Sycamores are grand trees that add decades of ambience to virtually any property. This means they also have substantial value; value that you, as a property owner, should protect. So, when you start to suspect that your sycamore tree is not doing so well, it is important to act fast, and evaluate your tree’s health. Continue reading to learn how to tell if your sycamore tree is dead, sick, or alive.

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Indianapolis Sycamore Tree Removal 317-348-0811

Dead Trees

Dead trees are easier to spot than you think. In fact, there is a simple test that works almost every time. You can snap off a small branch and look inside. If the inner tissue is moist and green-ish, the tree is still alive. If the inner tissue is dull and dry, it is likely dead. However, this test is only recommended for smaller trees. When it comes to large sycamore trees, it may be more difficult to tell whether or not it is dead using this test. Fortunately, there are some other things you can do.

Large Sycamore Trees

It is important to act as soon as possible when you suspect a large sycamore might be dead. Large, dead trees are potential hazards since they are more prone to leaning, falling, and uprooting. Likewise, if a Sycamore tree is ill, and in decline, it is important to have it removed before it’s condition can worsen, thus turning it into a higher risk tree. Sycamore trees can grow very tall, up to 100 feet or more in the United States, so they can do a large scope of damage if they fall.

The first step you should take to determine the health of a large Sycamore is to do a visual inspection. Here’s how:

Look at the branches. If it is late spring or summer, and your tree still has bare branches, it could be dead or in decline.

Look at the leaves. If your tree has lost a significant amount of leaves, or is only growing leaves on one side, it could be dead or in decline.

Look at the trunk. Cracks, seams, wounds, or openings in the bark could be signs that the tree is dead. This could also be true if the bark is missing in big patches.

When to Remove a Sycamore

If your Sycamore tree is not leaning or tilting, and less than 50% of the trunk is not damaged, it is typically safe to keep it in place, and see if it gets better.

If your tree is more than 50% damaged on the trunk, or is leaning one way, it should be removed this year.

Where to Get Professional Tree Removal for Sycamores in Indianapolis

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