What to Do with Your Christmas Tree after the Holidays in Indianapolis

The magic of the holiday season has come and gone, leaving you with the question: “What do I do with my Christmas tree now?” In Indianapolis, there are several Eco-friendly and convenient methods for Christmas tree disposal. Traditional customs suggest that January 5th, known as “Twelfth Night,” is the best time to bid farewell to your holiday decorations, including your Christmas tree. But the process doesn’t have to be a hassle!

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas tree pickup service, planning to drop it off at a recycling point, or even thinking about buying a Christmas tree bag for your artificial tree, this blog will guide you through the options available in our city, all in accordance with Indianapolis city ordinances.

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Both the Indianapolis Department of Public Works and Indy Parks are accepting live and dead Christmas trees from Dec. 25 to Jan. 31, dusk until dawn.

Christmas Tree Pickup

One of the easiest ways to dispose of your Christmas tree is by utilizing the city’s curbside pickup service. From December 26th until January 31st, you can leave your Christmas tree on the curb for collection on your scheduled trash day. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when preparing your tree for pickup:

►Remove all decorations, lights, and tinsel from the tree.
►Cut the tree into four-foot sections if it is taller than six feet.
►Place the tree at least three feet away from your trash and recycling bins.

Following these guidelines will ensure a smooth pickup process and prevent any potential safety hazards for the collection crew.

Christmas Tree Drop Off

Another Eco-friendly option for Christmas tree disposal is dropping it off at a designed location. According to Indianapolis city ordinances, all residents have access to a free Xmas tree drop-off service at various locations throughout the city. Both the Indianapolis Department of Public Works and Indy Parks are accepting live and dead Christmas trees from Dec. 25 to Jan. 31, dusk until dawn. They will accept your Christmas tree free of charge so long as it meets the following requirements:

► All decorations, lights, and tinsel must be removed.
► Trees must be free of any bags or tree stands.
► No artificial trees will be accepted.


Christmas Tree Recycling

You can also recycle your tree in unique ways. If you are an avid gardener, you might prefer composting your tree to create nutrient-rich soil for plants. It can also be turned into mulch or fertilizer! Whatever your preference, repurposing your Christmas tree is a responsible, yet inventive way to extend the holiday cheer well into the new year. Recycling your Christmas tree not only helps the environment but also creates mulch for city parks and landscaping projects. It’s a win-win situation!

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Tip

If you’re an artificial Christmas tree family, then consider investing in a Christmas tree bag. These bags are specially designed to store your artificial tree and protect it from dust, dirt, and moisture throughout the year. They come in various sizes to fit different tree heights and can be easily stored in a closet or garage. Not only does this option save you time and effort for next year’s holiday decorating, but it also reduces waste and is in line with the city’s efforts to promote sustainability.


There are several options for Christmas tree disposal in Indianapolis that adhere to city ordinances and promote Eco-friendliness. Whether you choose curbside pickup, recycling, or investing in a Christmas tree bag, saying goodbye to your holiday tree doesn’t have to be a hassle. Remember, January 5th is the traditional time for taking down your decorations, but feel free to do so anytime between December 26th and January 31st.

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How to Get Rid of Your Christmas Tree in Indianapolis

Now that Christmas is over, many will soon be taking down their beloved and festive holiday pines, conifers, spruces, and the many other kinds of evergreen trees used to celebrate the Season of Giving. Although bittersweet, it also represents another beautiful year spent with all of your friends and loved ones. So, when the time comes to take down your tree, don’t fret. In fact, disposing of your old Christmas tree this year has never been easier in Indianapolis!

Continue below to learn how to get rid of your Christmas tree in Indianapolis, and what will become of it when you do!

Recycle Your Christmas at a Designated Indianapolis Public Park!

Christmas Tree Disposal in Indianapolis and Surrounding Counties

Getting rid of your Christmas tree this year is easier than it ever has been before. Both the Indianapolis Department of Public Works and Indy Parks are accepting live and dead Christmas trees from Dec. 25 to Jan. 31, dusk until dawn. Best of all, there is no out-of-pocket obligation to you! That’s right; you can drop off your Christmas tree at the designated locations, and not have to pay a penny for Christmas tree recycling! They will have multiple drop-off locations throughout Indianapolis, all of which are situated in public parks.

🎄 View All Drop Off Locations at 🎄 Indianapolis Department of Public Works

How to Recycle a Christmas Tree in Indianapolis

❶ Remove all decorations from your Christmas tree. Be sure to do an extra inspection for hooks!

❷ Do not worry about bagging or wrapping your Christmas tree. You can drop it off just as it is!

❸ If you are tying down your Christmas tree to the top of your vehicle for transportation, be sure it is fully-secured for travel. Use cargo straps and ratchet straps to be safe.

❹ Visit any one of the Indianapolis Department of Public Works Christmas tree recycling sites at a designated public park in the city.

What Will Become of Your Old Christmas Tree?

There is great news when it comes to Christmas tree recycling! Not only does your Christmas tree serve a meaningful and joyful purpose for yourself and your loved ones, but it also continues to play an important role in our surrounding public parks and environment as sustainable landscaping resources. You see, once you dispose of your Christmas tree, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works turns it into wood chips, mulch, and soil blends! Last year alone, Indianapolis Park Maintenance chipped more than 7,000 Christmas trees and dispersed them in public parks all throughout the city!

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