What is Tree Deep Liquid Root Fertilizing?

For property owners that have multiple newly-planted, young, or sickly trees throughout their landscape, an arborist might suggest a process known as deep liquid root fertilization. In the tree care world, many people are wary about the effects of such fertilization. Does it really work? Do trees require fertilizer? And is the best method for this type of tree fertilization?

If you have similar questions, or simply want to learn more about deep liquid root fertilization, continue reading.

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Indianapolis Tree Service 317-348-0811

Deep Root Fertilization for Trees

Deep liquid root fertilization is a process that involves fertilizing the tree roots deep down inside the soil, rather than from the surface. It is generally accomplished by inserting a moderately-sized pipe 8 to 12 inches into the soil, just above the tree’s root system. And then using some form of air or water pressure, a liquid tree fertilizer is squirted down through the pipe, and directly onto the tree roots.  This process sounds simple, but there are several factors involved that require the specialized training and equipment of a licensed tree care technician.

However, according to the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the process of deep liquid root feeding is non-effective and unnecessary.  They state that tree roots are generally located in the top 8 inches of soil, and fibrous enough to absorb sufficient amounts of water and nutrients to thrive. So inserting fertilizer deep into the ground is not needed to adequately reach the root system of a tree. The peculiar part is, many ISA-certified arborists sell this service. We wonder why.

Professional Tree Services

You don’t need the specialized, over-priced services of a licensed arborist to professionally care for your landscaping trees. An arborist is really only necessary if you have diseased or insect infested trees that require professional identification, diagnoses, and treatment. In almost all cases, a trained and experienced tree service technician is the perfect solution for affordable, quality tree care you can trust. Be sure they are licensed, and retain years of experience in the industry. With previous happy clients, you will know they should be a trustworthy choice for tree service.

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