3 Winter Tree Damages to Watch Out For

Wintertime is not a great time for trees. Not only are they more susceptible to health and structural difficulties, but it is also more challenging for you to implement the proper inspections needed to ensure they remain in good health throughout the entirety of the season. For these reasons, it is wise to hire a professional tree service provider for all your winter tree care needs. Otherwise, your landscaping trees may fall victim to one of the top 3 most common winter tree problems.

Continue reading to learn what these common winter tree problems are, and where to find the best tree service in town.

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Top Tree Threats During the Winter Season

Among all of the possible problems that trees can experience in the winter, the top three you need to watch out for are cold damage, frost heaving, and seasonal drought. For each, here is a brief explanation of their causes, symptoms, and prevention strategies:

Cold Damage

The high and low seasonal temperature spectrum can greatly affect trees, especially if they are already weakened or sick. The afternoon sun can be very warm for trees, and then the nightly lows bring them back into a freeze. These changes cause a condition informally known as “cold damage”, which is often distinguishable by a wide range of symptoms, such as cracked or peeling bark, and even inner bark damage. Trees that experience late seasonal growth are more vulnerable to cold damage.

To reverse cold damage, you will need to implement a customized and strategic tree care plan with the help of an industry professional. To prevent cold damage in your landscaping trees, you will need to do the same, except ahead of time, before the winter season is upon us again next year.

Frost Heaving

Frost heaving is a typically winter tree problem, especially in regions where snow and ice are abundant. This condition starts in the soil. As the outdoor climates freeze and fluctuate, the underground water within the soil beneath trees also freezes. This occurrence develops ice in the soil, which causes the soil to swell upwards towards the base of the tree trunk. You may have seen the ramifications of this condition before in concrete, sidewalks, and pavements.  Frost heaving is a problem for tree because it weakens and damages roots, which can then make a tree more susceptible to toppling over.

Frost heaving is not something you can really prevent. If it does occur, you will need professional tree service to ensure the tree is not a hazard or liability. Routine tree care is vital to grow strong, healthy, resistant trees; if you stay on top of tree care, a tree has a better chance of surviving frost heave.

Seasonal Drought

You would think that trees get plenty of water in the winter with all of the snow, but the reality is that freezing temperatures can cause a tree to lose water reserves at a much faster rate; so fast, they cannot absorb enough water from the ground in time to replace the loss. This results in winter drought, which can be identified through a number of symptoms like branch loss, cracking bark, wildlife infestation, and death. Seasonal drought can also lead to late growth in spring, sun burnt leaves in the summer, and premature foliage loss in fall.

To help trees avoid seasonal drought, your best approach would include the assistance of a tree care professional. They have the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure your landscaping trees are healthy and ready to take on winter conditions. In addition to tree service, you can also help tree’s retain moisture through adequate mulching, year-round.

Affordable and Professional Winter Tree Service in Indianapolis

Call Timberland Tree Care at 317-348-0811 for professional year-round tree care services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties. We are licensed and experienced tree care contractors who offer a wide range of professional-level tree service for both residential and commercial properties all year round. Request a free estimate or assessment, today.

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Let Timberland Tree Care Customize an Affordable Tree Service Plan for the New Year!

Now that the new year is about to begin, get your tree care plan ready so you can set it into motion before spring arrives!

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Indianapolis Tree Service 317-348-0811

Start With a Landscaping Inspection

If you want beautiful, healthy, and safe landscaping trees when spring arrives, now is the time to start planning your tree care routine. Here at Timberland Tree Care, our qualified tree service contractors wish to help you do just that! It is important to learn the status and condition of your current trees, as well as, their individual needs in terms of health and safety. Once you have this information, you can put together a strategy that will address these concerns and conditions. All this is part of our process for managing landscaping trees effectively.

We Create Effective and Affordable Plans

We are fully-licensed and equipped to undertake any and all tree service needs, regardless of size or scope. We provide tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal, tree transplanting, and much more! As licensed and experienced tree care contractors, you can trust us to develop the perfect plan for your landscaping trees. Not only do we provide a wide range of residential and commercial tree services, we also offer free estimates, senior discounts, and the LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED! We can work with you to create a tree care plan that both meets your needs and your Timberland!

Recommended Routine Tree Services

Clearing – On the brink of springtime, start clearing away debris and other clutter away from you landscaping trees. This may include winter burlap covers, Christmas lights, rotted fruit, pine cones, pine needles, leaves, and more.

Mulching – If you do not know the proper way to mulch a tree, it is vital that you learn as soon as possible. That is because mulch is a highly-important part of tree care. It helps the soil retain water and nutrients, and it prevents weed growth. Lay mulch around the base of the tree, not exceeding more than 3 inches of material. Be sure to avoid laying mulch against the tree trunk.

Watering – Watering is arguably one of the most important aspects of tree care, especially during the spring and summer months. Just be sure to not over-water your trees. To prevent moss growth, water your trees less often, but more deeply at every round. If soil is frozen, it is not ready to be watered.

Pruning – Tree pruning is important because it promotes new branch growth and renders bigger, brighter, fuller canopies come summertime. But tree pruning is not effective if it is not carried out properly. It is important to learn what you should and shouldn’t do in terms of pruning trees.

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Call Timberland Tree Care at 317-348-0811 for professional tree service in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties. We are licensed and experienced tree care contractors who offer a wide range of professional-level tree service for both residential and commercial properties.

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Timberland Tree Care 317-348-0811

What is Tree Pollarding?

When it comes to tree maintenance, the most common method for branch and foliage control is tree trimming. However, there are additional approaches that are used in the industry, some of which are recommended, while others are against best practices. These methods include pruning, topping, reduction, and a less common approach known as pollarding.

It is important to understand the meaning and difference among these tree maintenance variations if you are planning to have any tree work done on your property. Not only will it better educate you on the proper needs of your landscaping trees, it will give you the knowledge you need to avoid unlicensed tree service scammers who use the terms interchangeably to purposely confuse and mislead clients, which unfortunately, is more common than you think.

Continue reading to learn about tree pollarding, and how it differs from the other tree services mentioned above.

Indianapolis Tree Service 317-348-0811
Indianapolis Tree Service 317-348-0811

Tree Care Best Practices

In the tree care industry, there are good, bad, and acceptable tree trimming and pruning practices. In fact, the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) developed these standards for proper tree pruning, which are used collectively among true professional tree service contractors. These standards are called the ANSI standards, also known as the American National Standards Institute A300.

In addition to these standards, there are other acceptable tree trimming methods, but this does mean that they are always recommended.

Tree Pollarding

Tree pollarding is considered to be an acceptable approach to tree trimming. The process involves removing fundamental branches in order control the shape and size of a tree, perhaps for landscaping architecture, hazard abatement, or similar need. It must start when a tree is very young, and continue once every two years.

Crown Reduction

Also referred to as tree reduction, this practice is also considered acceptable, but only under certain circumstances. Such factors that influence the application of tree reduction include tree species, location, condition, and more. The process involves removing a predetermined quantity of branches and limbs for the purpose of abating obstructions or improving aesthetics.

Tree Topping

Although an offered tree service among several tree care companies, tree topping is not considered to be an acceptable practice. The dramatic cuts made to flatten the top and sides of a tree render it highly vulnerable to disease, pests, sunscald, dehydration, and more. This practice is only recommended for dead trees, dying trees, or trees that are causing extreme obstacles or safety hazards to the public.

Indianapolis Tree Trimming Services

Call Timberland Tree Care at 317-348-0811 to schedule Indianapolis tree trimming service for your residential or commercial property. We are licensed and experienced tree care contractors who offer a wide range of professional-level tree work at all scopes. Whether you need a stump removed, or an entire lot cleared, we are the pros to trust for quality work at the right price.

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