Everything You Want to Know About the Black Gum Tree

Gum trees may be popular among the Kookaburra birds, but they are not a high value tree here in the Northeastern parts of the United States. If you are looking to improve your property’s value, Black Gum trees may not be the best landscaping choice; however, if you are simply looking to upgrade the look of your landscaping, they are a great choice for ornamental value. From their waxy foliage in the spring and their brilliant summer and fall colors, to their resilient winter form, Black Gum trees are stunning all year round.

Continue reading to learn more about this interesting fruit tree.

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Indianapolis Tree Service 317-348-0811

Black Gum Trees (Nyssa sylvatica)

Tupelo Family (Nyssaceae)

Habitat: Grows in acidic, moist soils that re well-drained. Found along the mid-Eastern and Eastern coastal parts of the United States. It is native to Kentucky. It is very adaptable and can even grow in swampy areas and dry uplands.

Looks Like: The Common Persimmon, sourwood, Swamp Tupelo, and the Water Tupelo.

Growth: It is a slow-growing, medium-sized, deciduous tree that begins pyramidal in its first stages, and then with age, develops a flat-top form.

Leaves: Alternating, oval-shaped, and 3 to 5 inches long. They turn red in the fall and drop for the winter.

Fruit: The fruit produced by Black gum trees is high in crude fat, fiber, phosphorous, and calcium, which makes it very attractive to small mammals and birds. They resemble blue colored grapes or berries, but they are not either of the two. They are a dark purple-like blue with a fleshy coating and ribbed pit. They are ripe in the fall.

Flower: Black gum trees produce clusters of light green flowers that grow near the leaves.

Height: It generally achieves heights between 30 and 60 feet, and widths between 20 to 30 feet.

Hardiness: It is classified as winter hardy to USDA Hardiness Zone 4.

Sunlight: Based on the universal sunlight requirement rating scale for trees (0-5, with 5 being “full sun”), Black gum trees are classified as needing “two suns.”

Value of Wood: Its timber is light, uniformed, and textured, making it a good candidate for containers, flooring, lumber, paper pulp, and more. Its value is on the low-side, making it an economical buy.

Wildlife: The fruit of the tree attracts bees, birds, deer, and other small animals and insects.

Always Ask a Pro Before Planting

If you have questions about adding trees to your landscape, talk to a licensed tree care contractor for professional advice on choosing quality performing trees for your property. Certain trees provide higher value, such as evergreens and conifers. Learn how you can earn more benefits by choosing the right trees.

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Timberland Tree Care 317-348-0811

Winter Storm Damage Repair Solutions for Trees and Landscaping

Although we thought the Groundhog predicted Spring is near, the snow has made a return, which means certain implications for your property. Trees can experience different degrees of damage during a winter storm. The amount of damage to your trees depends on the age of a tree, a tree’s strength and sturdiness, and the severity of the storm. All these variables can influence the amount of damage your trees will acquire. So, what does a property owner do with all these damages if they occur? The answer is to call a professional tree removal and care company. They retain the proper training, equipment, and tools to remove fallen or damaged trees safely, and at the same time, implement techniques to protect your existing trees from further damage.

Continue reading to learn some effective solutions for protecting storm-damaged trees and landscaping.

Indianapolis Storm Damage Tree Services
Indianapolis Storm Damage Tree Services 317-348-0811

Tree Root Damages

There are various elements that can damage a tree’s root system.  For example, freezing temperatures and frost can freeze up the ground around the base of the tree; causing roots to work harder for heat and survival.  Heat is lost and the tree suffers from lack of nutrients and will most likely die. Placing mulch around the base of trees before harsh winter weather begins can help a root system retain heat within the soil.  It acts as an insulator and protects a tree from severe winds, freezing temperatures, snow, frost, and ice storms.

Sun Scalding

Sun scald certainly sounds like something that would happen in hot weather; but the truth is, sun scald occurs in the colder months of the year.  In the winter time, trees have lost their leaves.  This leaves them bare, bald, and more vulnerable to elemental conditions. Sun scald is when a tree is overexposed to sun reflections.  This causes the bark to peel and crack, causing large tree fissures.  If your trees are susceptible to sun scald, then try covering the trunk with a tree wrap or plastic covering.  Blocking the reflection of the sun can reduce tree bark damage overtime. It is best to wrap a tree before freezing temperatures begin.

Broken Limbs and Branches

The weight of ice, snow, and water can break off tree branches in the winter.  Broken tree limbs and branches are problems for a number of reasons; not only can heavy branches fall and damage property or injure another person, it damages the tree as well. By wrapping branches and weal limbs with burlap or applying ground stakes for tree trunk support, you can potentially avoid fallen or broken tree branches in your yard.

Indianapolis Tree Storm Damage Cleanup

Call Timberland Tree Care at 317-348-0811 for professional storm damage tree removal services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties. Our licensed and insured tree service contractors have more than 30 years of experience, and retain the latest technologies in the business. These assets allow us to promptly respond to tree storm damage needs for both residential and commercial properties. We do it all, from dead tree removal and stump grinding, to bucket truck crane service, tree trimming, underbrush clearing, tree staking, cabling and bracing, and much more. Request a free estimate, today.

Timberland Tree Care Indianapolis, Indiana
Timberland Tree Care 317-348-0811