Where to Get Prompt and Professional Emergency Tree Removal

Sometimes, a tree falls on something, like a car or roof, and other times, a tree is in the way of a construction project. Regardless of your emergency tree removal needs, finding a provider to get the job done right in a time frame that is convenient for you should never be a hassle.

But unfortunately, there are hundreds of fly-by-the-night tree removal companies that are not properly certified, nor use ethical business practices. So your priority should be to find a tree removal team that is full-qualified and trustworthy. This will set you up with a go-to provider who can always come through for you in the case of a tree emergency.

Continue reading to learn what you can do to ensure you have prompt and professional emergency tree removal services right at your fingertips, year-round.

Indianapolis Tree Service Company 317-348-0811
Indianapolis Tree Service Company 317-348-0811

Expert Tree Care You Can Trust

Your solution to safe and affordable, emergency tree removal service in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas is Timberland Tree Care. We are licensed and insured tree care contractors with more than 25 years of hands-on experience in the tree service industry. Because we retain the latest technologies and maintain a full staff of certified contractors, we can quickly respond when you need emergency tree service.

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Whether a tree has fallen on your car or house, or somewhere on your property, we have the fleet of innovative equipment and resources to remove the obstruction in an efficient amount of time. We provide both residential and commercial tree felling services, as well as, tree trimming, dead wooding, stump grinding, stump removal, storm damage cleanup, lot clearing, underbrush removal, and even Emerald Ash Borer management.

We Serve All of Central Indiana

Although based out of Indianapolis, Timberland Tree Care provides prompt and professional service for all of Central Indiana, from Noblesville to Greenfield, and everything in between! Feel free to email us with any inquiries or questions you have about your tree service needs. Or contact us directly at 317-348-0811 to request a free estimate or information, during regular business hours. Timberland Tree Care looks forward to helping you!

Timberland Tree Care Indianapolis, Indiana
Timberland Tree Care 317-348-0811

The Common Signs of Emerald Ash Borers

Here in Indiana, Ash trees are common targets of an invasive and destructive metallic-green beetle known as the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). Nationwide, these voracious beetles are responsible for the destruction of over 50 million Ash trees! To make matters worse, Emerald Ash Borer infestations have a growth rate of over 5,000% per year, which means you must seek treatment the minute you notice signs of these invasive beetles.

Continue reading to learn how to tell if your Ash trees are infested with Emerald Ash Borers.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment 317-348-0811
Emerald Ash Borer Treatment 317-348-0811

Signs of EAB

The most distinctive sign of an Emerald Ash Borer infestation is the presence of “S” and/or “D” shaped holes in the bark. The most common symptoms include crown dieback, splitting bark, increase in woodpecker activity, and epicormic sprouting. Additional signs may include:

➥ Canopy Thinning and Die-Back
➥ Foliage Barenes
➥ Vertical Fissures on Bark
➥ Callous Tissue Formation
➥ Exposed Galleries under Bark Split
➥ Frass Accumulation (Mix of Saw Dust and Excrement)
➥ Sprout Growth from Roots and Trunk
➥ Larger-than-Normal Leaves

✨ Because several signs and symptoms of Emerald Ash Borer outbreaks are similar to other tree illnesses and pests, it is best to consult a professional tree care specialist to learn for sure whether or not your Ash trees are infested.

Possible Solutions for EAB

If your trees are infested with these destructive beetles, you have various options for rehabilitation. The most effective options are insecticide treatments or tree removal. By hiring an Indianapolis tree care company, land owners can learn methods to preventing pest problems and infestations in their trees. Prevention and routine maintenance are the best ways to protect trees from Emerald Ash Borers and other tree ailments.

Indianapolis Tree Care Service

Contact Timberland Tree Care at 317-348-0811 to request free information about Emerald Ash Borer treatment in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can also schedule a complimentary tree assessment. We are licensed and experienced tree care contractors who offer a wide range of professional-level tree service at all scopes, including arborist work. Whether you need a stump removed, or an entire lot cleared, we are the pros to trust for quality results at the right price.

Timberland Tree Care Indianapolis, Indiana
Timberland Tree Care 317-348-0811