The Basics of Routine Tree Care

As a property owner, the appeal and performance of your landscaping is likely very important to you. If you wish to maintain healthy trees that look good and last long, it is necessary to implement a certain degree of tree care, year-round. Continue reading to learn some fundamental tree care tips, including who to call for scheduled tree work in your neighborhood.

Indianapolis Tree Service Company 317-348-0811
Indianapolis Tree Service Company 317-348-0811

Tree Care

Trees, like most living organisms, require water, sunlight, and food to survive. In fact, they aren’t much different from us; are they? So long as you provide or ensure acceptable conditions for your trees, they should grow tall, wide, and strong, for years to come. Fortunately, most tree care can be done on your own with the right knowledge and materials; but some tree work will need to be carried out by a licensed professional, for safety and code purposes.

So what is it that you need to do, exactly? Look below to review the basics to tree care.

☑ Sunlight

Trees require a certain amount of sunlight for food and growth. The actual recommended amount of daily sun depends on the species, as there are partial-shade, full-sun, and many other types of trees. But typically, most need at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight, every day. When planting a new tree, you must take this into consideration. If you plant a tree on the side of the house that never gets any light, you will not get good growth results.

☑ Mulch

Mulching is critically important for trees, especially young ones. Placing mulch over the soil surrounding the tree trunk has several benefits, and it also adds a certain level of appeal for properties. Mulching improves soil structure, including the soil’s oxygen levels, temperature, and moisture availability. It also protects against pests and prevent soil from drying out. Mulch should be 2 to 4 inches deep and applied seasonally for optimal results. You can easily do this yourself, or hire a mulch provider to do it for you!

☑ Watering Trees

The only time you need to worry about watering your landscaping trees is when they are newly planted or young. Moderately-aged and mature trees generally acquire water naturally without any problems. Although it doesn’t hurt to water all of your landscaping trees periodically, especially during long periods of hot and dry weather. For newly planted or young trees, water once or twice per week. Stick your finger in the soil to see if it’s moist with water; if it is, it does not require more water. But if the soil is dry, it is time to water it again. Just be careful to not over water trees. This can drown the roots, and potentially cause a tree to suffocate and die.

☑ Tree Fertilization

Just like watering, the only time you need to really worry about fertilizing your trees is if they are in a growth stage, such as newly transplanted, newly planted, or very young. In most cases, trees do not require much fertilizing. When you do fertilize trees, it should be done in the late spring and early summer months. As your trees get older, several small applications throughout the year are helpful as well. Talk to your local tree service specialist for professional advice about proper tree fertilization.

☑ Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning is important because they promote new branch and limb growth. This is essential for growing strong and sturdy trees. Just like getting a haircut keeps your hair healthy, periodically trimming a tree keeps it healthy as well. You may be able to get away with trimming small or young trees on your own, but in most cases, tree trimming is a job for a professional.

☑ Winterizing

To winterize your trees means to protect them during their dormant stage. This helps them remain healthy, strong, and free of insects and pests during the winter time. Talk to your local tree care specialist about winterizing landscaping trees on your property. Every property has unique and individual tree service needs that are best assessed by professional tree care technicians.

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